Pratically concrete applications

Subject: Cooling applications in ready-mixed concrete plants,

Prepared by: Mustafa Gogcu


With years of experience as Rosen Coooling Technology, we try to bring practical solutions to the cooling systems needed in ready-mixed concrete plants.

The most important point in this matter is firstly analyzing the need and providing a solution accordingly. According to the demands we encounter, ready-mixed concrete plants will affect the type of refrigeration and its components, respectively;

1- Production capacity of concrete batching plant; Standard concrete batching plants produce 30m3, 60m3, 90m3 and 120m3 hours.

2- Daily concrete production, this issue is related to the daily working time of concrete plant.

3- Current temperature of concrete

4- It is the requested concrete outlet temperature.

In order to make these analyzes, we request some data available from our customers,

1- Cement temperature

2- Aggregate temperature

3- Water temperature


By analyzing this data, we determine a solution according to the demanded concrete outlet temperature.

In general, the first Solutions would be cool water with the Chiller unit, if not enough the Second option would be adding ice to the concrete, but still the Concrete mix temperature is high, the last option would be using aggregate cooling system for reduce the maximum level of the Concrete.
Of course sometimes and some area, these Solutions should using together in the Concrete Plants.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning, based on our experience, we can accept this data as standard and present it in practical solutions.

In some areas, we are unable to obtain the exact data we request from customers. In these cases we can offer standard packages. Of course we are considering the conditions of the regions. For example,  Chiller cooling unit and Ice-water plants usually enough to use for ready mix Plants in Turkey. But the warmer regions, like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia as middle east countries,  absolutely necessary to using Ice Plants.

I would like to give a brief examples for this statement,If there is a ready mix plant 30m3/h capacity in Turkey and requesting the cooling system,  we first we do a study like this, this ready mix plant using 6 tons of Water per hour and usualy running daily about 10 hours . So that will be 60 tons Water in day. The water inlet temperature is approximately 20-24  and if we reduce this water to 10’C, it seems to meet the need.


Such practical information is, of course, based on years of experience on site. As a company with hundreds of facilities in 75 countries, our engineers have high field experienc