Along with global warming, ice has become an indispensable element of our lives. Until the 1960s, ice luxury was used as a foodstuff, and nowadays it is a requirement that is used extensively in all areas. In short, we can summarize these requirements under different main headings.

Drinking Sector and Ice Machines,

It is necessary to use ice in order to bring carbonated and non-carbonated, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks to drinkable taste, especially during hot seasons and even in cold times. The ice type used is served as cube ice or tube ice.
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Cube ice machines are produced with the latest technology production machines. Cube ice machines are realized in simple form with ice maker evaporator, refrigerant fluid, compressor and other auxiliary equipments that circulate refrigerant in the evaporator. This ice machine operates fully automatically. It automatically discharges the produced ice into the bottom chamber. The user can remove the desired amount of ice cubes from this chamber with the help of hand tools and can easily be exported with a semi-automatic ice tank.
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Areas of Using,

Cube ice machines can be produced and used by the user for their own needs. Ice users can be found in cafes, bars, and restaurants as well as medium and large hotels.
In addition, there are ice sellers who produce ice cubes and then pack it up. This type of users can produce medium and large types of ice cubes and pack them according to the size of the market (which is 1kg to 5kg).

The production and sale of ice must, of course, be carried out in healthy conditions and in a hygienic manner. Most users pay attention to these issues. The hygiene of ice is a concern. The more sensitive the seller is, the more supportive his market is. Local public institutions carry out strict audits on this matter.

If necessary care is taken, ice production and sales can be a highly profitable business. As long as the maintenance and use of the machines are carried out at the required level, the devices can operate efficiently for many years.