Flake Ice Maker 40 Ton /day

Flake Ice Machine 40 Ton / Day
The types of ice vary according to the areas of use and where they are needed. The ice molds used to protect the freshness of the food from the first day and used for the concrete cooling process are also in the different sectors. Leaf ice machines, which belong totally to our firm, are exported to all over the world.

Leaf Ice Machine 40 Ton / Day Improvements
With the 40.000 kg ice making capability during the day, you will meet your needs more than ever. Vertical type ice evaporator is available. One of its greatest strengths is fully automatic working system. You can integrate with a separate device that you want to use as ice storage. You can increase the variety of usage with the warehouse you will get your own store or ekstradan.

Device Features
• -2 degrees and -3 degrees of ice heat are available.
• Ice thickness is between 1.8 and 2.2 mm.
• Compressor electricity consumption is 170 KW / h and 380-415 V, 3 phases.
• Product measurements are 2 x 450 x 180 x 210 cm.
• Ice production per hour is 1600 kg / h.
• The compressor capacity is 4 x 50 hp and the model is semi-hermetic.
• The refrigerant flow rate is Freon R404A.
• Uses for many years.

Flake Ice Machine 40 Ton / Day Machine Usage Areas
• Fishing and aquaculture
• Concrete plants
• Concrete cooling





Ice production capacity per day

40000kg / day


Ice production capacity per hour 1600 kg / h
3 Compressor capacity 2 x 100 hp


Compressor model

Screw Type


Compressor electric power

180 kw /h


Power supply

380-415 V, 3 Phase


Ice temperature

Minus 2˚C - 3˚C

8 Ice thickness 1,8 - 2,2 mm



Freon R404A


Colour of ice 



Size of machine