Containerized Block Ice Plant 5 Ton/day

Container Type Block Ice Machine 5 Ton/day Capacity 

The types of ice vary according to the areas of use and where they are needed. Fishing, Concrete Batching Plants and Food sector.
Device Features
The ice machine, which has a total of 112 ice cubes, can produce 336 pieces of ice during the day with a weight of 15 Kg per mold and has a total amount of 5 tons of ice making capacity per day, is more than enough to meet your needs. On one device there are ice molds consisting of 7 columns. Along with the equipments located on a single frame, production is provided for companies which need more wide ice. The mold weights can be adjusted to 12 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg according to the customer's request.

    Container 5 Ton/day Capacity Block Ice Machine Improvements;

• Due to its easy transport feature, it does not cause problems in transmission.
• Compact design makes it easy to deform. It is insulated in the factory with great care and presented to the market.
• Provides ice production at -12 degrees.
• The energy capacity is high, the electricity consumption is low. The device works with 25 KW / hour and 380-415 V, 3 Phase.
• The refrigerant is Freon R404A.
• Product dimensions are 550 * 214 * 142 cm.
• A total of 112 ice plates are ready to be used within 7 hours.
• Removing from the molds is not troublesome, but rather easy, it does not tire the person.
• The mold material produced by taking care of your health is made of completely stainless chrome AISI 304 material as both internal and external surface.
• Uses for many years.

    Usage Areas of Container 5 Ton/day capacity Block Ice Machine;

• Fishing and aquaculture
• Supermarket, fish restaurants
• Pharmaceutical sector
• Meat and poultry products
• Artificial ice fields
• Vegetable, fruit and beverage types
• Concrete plants
• Major restaurants

Model No: BIM 5 Ton Containerized





Total ice making capacity

5 tons / 24hrs


Weight of per block

    12 kg    /   15 kg      / 20 kg    /   25 kg   

3 Amount of ice blocks   135 pcs  /  112 pcs  / 84 pcs   /   64 pcs


Amount of ice block per 24hrs

  405 pcs  /  336 pcs / 252 pcs / 192 pcs


Ice production time

  8 hours 


Power supply

380-415 V, 3 Phase


Ice temperature

 - 12˚C



Freon R404A


Colour of ice block



Energy Consumption

25 Kw /h   

11 Equipment

Ice Crane System, Thawink Tank, Tilting Unit, Ice Bench

Container Specifications


Container Type

20ft or 40ft International Shipping Container

2 Isolation

4cm Sandwich Panel



Electric, wiring, plumbing included