About Nigeria

Writer.......: Mr Mustafa G.
Position...: General Manager.
Date........: Feb 2013

We went to Nigeria at 2013 with my co-worker Mr Nihat Ege.  We visit to our office in Nigeria and met with our dearest friend Mr Taiwo Abiodun. Mr Taiwo is our distributor of Nigeria. He is responsible of all our ice machine selling to Nigeria. 

Tamutom has sold more than 120 ice machine to Nigeria with effort of Mr Taiwo which he really doing his best for his country. 
With this trip we also find possiblity to visit some of our machines at the place of customers. 
We also made service to some of machine. 

Nigeria is the biggest country and population in Africa. There is a very different culture in Nigeria. I release that people love to life there. They love to dance and enjoy the life. They dont fight each other at least i have not seen. Lagos is the biggest city in Nigeria and its really very crovded. people rush and rush, life is going fast there. But even like that, people love to music and enjoy the life. They like to parties, they try to find a way to how to make a party every week. they love to dance. 

At the other hand, It has a huge potation for ice business in Nigeria. as i said people love to parties and parties need cold bevarages, so they need to put ice to beverages for making cool. And in this case need to produce ice block. 
Actually  it just one of the reason to use ice in Nigeria. People cool their water bottle with ice in the street and they need ice block. People on the fish process business, they need ice. So there are many reason to produce ice in Nigeria.

Wedding parties requiry ice for beverages

Street water seller request ice blocks

Fish markets and fishers  requiry ice for themself.