TAMUTOM® is a firm which has started transferring its long years experience to production of industrial ice making machines at 2006. It has acquired an important position in the sector with its brave disposition on producing block ice making machines with trade name Tamutom first time in Turkey which has never been produced before.

Today TAMUTOM® has the ice machines over 75 countries around the world.. The machines operate in warmest regions of the world and they give opinion about their performance. Today, Tamutom Ice Machines are using at Ivory Cost, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Venezuela,  Angola, Democratic Congo, Republic of Congo ,Vietnam, Mozambique, Tanzania, (Zanzibar), Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Gana, Algeria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Ekvatorial Guinnea, Guinnea Conakry, Liberia, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE,  Syria, Iraq, Romania, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan,, As we considering the difficulty of providing service to such far countries, we are careful about using good quality materials in our products. As we give first priority to customer satisfaction than making money, we had customers and also friends in the countries in above referenced countries.

It is always possible to see innovation with us. Importance we have given to R&D and material and immaterial energy we have devoted show themselves as meeting innovation and technology in old machines and sometimes new machines arises come up. Block ice making machines with direct cooling are an example to this.

Useful model patent was taken in 2009 and it has become demanded in the world quickly.

Tamutom has ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate and CE decleration of conformity certificates.