Saudi Arabia Adventure

Writer: Sinan D.
Role: Export Sales Manager
Date: June 2016


   In April we held a meeting with our customers from our factory in the Saudi Arabia region. Objectives to establish a comprehensive Ice Production Facility. We have carried out our necessary negotiations and made a decision to work together. After we finished our production in a short time, we performed our shipping.

   In mid-June they confirmed that the container had reached them and they invited us for the institution. We immediately organized our team. Our team consisted of 4 people. Supervisor Sinan D. Cooling Engineers Abdurrahim Ş.-Yusuf K. Environmental Engineer Fatih T.

   On the first day of the month of Ramadan, our trip to Riyadh started from İzmir to Istanbul via scheduled flights of THY. After a journey of about 4-5 hours, we landed at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. Egyptian general manager Mr. Said personally met.

   After reaching the Al- Muzahimiyah region, which is about 70 km away from the capital Riyadh, we immediately settled into our hotel and then we wanted to see the factory to be built and went out.

   After a short journey we reached the factory area. The weather was incredible. In the middle of the day he found about 45-50 degrees Celsius. And I thought I was in the right place for this job.

   General Manager Mr. Said worked very carefully, taking into account our recommendations, and made the necessary arrangements in time, leaving only the installation and installation of the products to be removed from the container.  And we went to work immediately.

   The first day we had finished our work after positioning the machines correctly. General Manager Mr. Said has informed us that factory owner Mr. Abu-Turky has invited us for a meal and that he wants to meet us. They welcomed us very well that evening and we all made a good iftar.

      The next day; water cooling system (chiller), ice machine, ice crusher and water treatment plant.

   It's time to train and train our machines. We did our tests without any problems, we told them what to do and should not do, and we handed over our machine.

   Thank you Mr. Abu-Turky and Mr. Said and all friends in Saudi Arabia...